Tuesday, June 27


Poetry can be a spiritual experience, both reading it and writing it. The book of Psalms in the bible is full of poetry. Either read some spiritual poetry or write some as a way of encountering God. Remember a particularly inspirational part of a poem and recite it through out the day.

Monday, June 26


Zephyrs are those little breezes that come to refresh us in the heat of life. Watch out for spiritual Zephyrs from God and say thanks when they come along. Be happy, content, at peace as a gift to God.

Breeze through the day without getting all wound up unnecessarily. Have some fun for goodness sake! Enjoy God, yourself, others, and the world. Celebrate this wonderful life.

Friday, June 23


Go for a drive and visit some good people. Soak up the love they offer. Be grateful for the way driving has made so many good things possible in our world. Think of the people and experiences you would be cut off from if it weren’t for modern transportation.

Technology is a blessing in many ways and we should be grateful for humanity’s creative abilities, which can be a reflection of God’s creativity.

Thursday, June 22


Meditate on you. Get a little mirror and take a good look at yourself every now and then as you meditate on the following suggestions.

Think about how you are a gift to yourself from God. Think about how you are a gift God made for himself to enjoy as a treat. Think about how God has given you as a gift to your family, your friends, the people around you.

Be the gift you were designed to be for yourself, for God and for all those around you. Be such good news to others that they thank God for you.

Tuesday, June 20


A little boy I knew once said that God is like a puppy. When asked why, the boy explained that even when you’ve been mean to your dog, five minutes later, they are happy to be with you and want you to pat them or play with them. What a great example of God’s forgiveness!

If you have a dog of your own, or one you are friendly with, spend some time with them and reflect on God’s love, forgiveness, faithfulness, expressing our joy at meeting up with friends etc. See what God can say to you through your dog friend.

Monday, June 19

Practise the Presence of God

This is an ancient spiritual discipline that takes seriously the Bible’s advice to pray without ceasing. It is about trying to be continually mindful of God. As often as you can, be aware that God is with you.

Write a G on your hand as a prompt, or use your watch to be the cue that calls you to be aware of God each time you look at it..

By practising the presence of God each day, over the weeks, months and years of your life, you wont just be bumping in to God occasionally. Instead you will be living each moment consciously with God.

Friday, June 9


Extraordinary things happen. Sometimes you can’t mistake them for anything else other than having bumped in to God at work in the world.

God is still in the business of performing miracles, great and small. God is alive and well and walking the streets of your local area. Look out for him. You never know what surprising thing he’s got lined up for you.

Wednesday, June 7


God is like a shoe. He can make the road a lot easier to travel along. Go with God. You don’t have to do it all alone. Let God cushion the impact when the road seems hard.

Do this by talking it all through with God and asking for his help, courage, wisdom and stamina.

Tuesday, June 6


Watch three minutes go by on your watch or the clock before doing the following reflections.

We know three minutes is a very short time. But when you watch it go like that, it seems to be a significant amount of time after all. A few minutes can be very significant in fact. In three minutes we could have called a friend, written a note of encouragement, sent up a prayer, done 100 push ups, run a kilometre, or thrown out some rubbish.

Give God three minutes today to do something special. Use this exercise as a way to remind you that time is precious. Our time on Earth is running out for each of us. Let’s make the most of us.

Thursday, June 1


This is intervening in prayer on someone else’s behalf. In other words, it’s praying for others’ needs.

Pray for others. Start with your inner circle of loved ones, then pray for people in need among your associates, then for groups of people in Australia who are suffering and then think across the world and pray for people from other countries in need.