Tuesday, February 28

Bumping Into God

Where is God?
God is everywhere! God is all around us. There is nowhere, where God isn’t!
When is God around?
Always. All the time. Beyond time even.
What is God like?
God is good. God is love. God is like a heavenly mother or father. God is many wonderful and beautiful things.

So if God is all around us, all the time, it shouldn’t be hard to bump in to God as we walk our way through life. And given that God is so good, surely it would be an excellent thing to encounter God.

So why don’t we bump in to God all the time?
Well, actually, we do!

The glitch is that we are physical beings. We experience life through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. God, on the other hand, is a spiritual being. Our physical senses can be aware of God only if we are tuned in to God’s presence. We encounter God most often through being spiritually alert. If we are spiritually aware, then all of our senses will pick up on the presence of God and delight in his company, his gifts and his love.

This blog is offered as a way to inspire us to remember to bump in to God, at least a few times each day, if not continually. The goal being to enjoy God’s company, to give God some company in return, and to be so inspired and blessed by our increasing contact with God, that our whole lives will be enriched. When that happens, we’re bound to want to spread some of God’s love around to others as well. Before you know it, not only will we be blessed through our increased awareness of God, but we will have become a blessing to those around us as well. God is love and that love is gloriously infectious.

You can work through the exercises, meditations and awarenesses that appear on this blog by doing them as they appear; or by taking a lucky dip approach (just click on a random archive page and do the first one that grabs you). Out of all the exercises, there’s bound to be a few that will work for you. You can do them as a daily thing, where you do one of these exercises everyday. At the end of each day, you can talk over your experience with God. Maybe even record your spiritual adventures in a journal.

So go on. Give yourself a thrill. Do yourself and God a favour. Deliberately set out to bump in to God.