Thursday, January 31


Now here’s a word you don’t hear very often. It’s a great word though. Think about it. To abhor something is to detest it. There are some things that go on in this word that are truly detestable. God detests some things and it’s actually right that we should too.

So today work up some righteous abhorrence for the evil things that happen on earth. Feel some of God’s frustration, disappointment and even fury over the way some people abuse others, or take advantage of them, or turn a blind eye to others sufferings. If you can, do something to work against the rotten things going on around you. Commiserate with God whose pain and frustration is so much greater than ours. Pray for the victims of evil.

Friday, January 18


God’s good gifts are plentiful and prolific. God is a provider. Check out all the good things you’ve got. Be grateful. Consider the fact that God may be counting on you to be involved in his work of provision. How can you share out your wealth with those in need?

Friday, January 11


Stand in front of a fan and consider the Holy Spirit, who is sometimes symbolised as a rushing wind. Play around with throwing some light objects in front of the fan to see how they fly. Hold one end of any thing which will flutter like a streamer and watch it react to the breeze. Play with the wind created by the fan and listen out for God’s inspiration.