Friday, June 29


Cook up a storm while being aware of the presence of God, chatting to him as you cook. Think of a recipe for your life – how many parts love? A cup of.. to sweeten things up. A teaspoon of ... to spice it up...

Tuesday, June 26

X Rays

X Rays reveal the secret life of us. What an incredible work of creation we are.

God has x ray vision. God knows what’s going on for us below the surface. Why not take a look there with God and ask for God’s diagnosis. What’s really going on for you, spiritually, in your significant relationships, emotionally, at work, etc? Who are you really? As you are working all this out, tell God all about it.

Wednesday, June 20

Quiet Times

Many people set aside some time each day or perhaps a time each week, to have a date with God. Quiet times are a way of spending quality, unhurried time with God.

In your quiet times, pray, listen to God, read the Bible, sing, draw, meditate or do whatever helps you to connect with God. By taking time out from the hectic pace of life, to be with God, we often find that God gives us new perspectives and peace in the midst of our storms.

The world seems to be a better place, and we seem to be better people after we’ve spent some quality time with God. Arrange a regular date with God.

Thursday, June 14

Encourage Others

If anyone you come across is doing their job well, or is a really great person, let them know. Tell them straight out when they’ve done something you admire or appreciate.

If there are people whose efforts you appreciate, who are not around you today, go see them, call them, write them a note or email them to tell them that you were thinking of them and what an excellent person they are. Encourage at least three people today.

Tuesday, June 5

The Bible

Pray before starting to read a particular Bible passage. Read it. Be silent and listen for God’s special message for you that may spring from the passage. Chat about what you’ve read with God and heard from God.

Some great places to start Bible reading:
- the gospel of Luke
- the book of James
- then Romans
- the Psalms in the old testament