Thursday, May 31


Go for a walk with God, along the beach or somewhere beautiful preferably, but anywhere will do . Have a good chat as you stroll along.

Monday, May 28

Selfless Acts of Service

A kind deed done with no expectation of anything in return. A gift which cost some effort but no price tag was attached. It is very much like the love of God. Go do one. Hope to get one soon. Both ways are from God. Both will do you incredible good if you let it sink in deep enough.

Friday, May 18


Rest in God’s love. Stop being busy. Hold everything. Take time out to rest and be recreated and rejuvenated.

God is cool. He even commands us to take at least one day a week to rest and to remember him! It’s important. Don’t neglect rest and worship.

Tuesday, May 15


While standing in a que, pass the time with God. Look at the people around you, appreciate their differences and their individual beauty. Pray for them and pray about them.

Wednesday, May 9


Believe in something passionately. Feel something powerful, either for some good thing or against some unjust thing. Fuel up your passion for some good cause. Let God invigorate your feelings and thoughts and then direct your actions. Do something. If you aren’t already passionate about something, ask God for a cause he would like you to get behind. Keep praying about it until God inspires you.