Thursday, November 30

Spirit Led

To be led by the Holy Spirit of God, is to be aware of the divine promptings. You need to have a spiritual ear out for God’s leadings and whisperings.

Test any inklings against the nature of Jesus and the teachings of the Bible. If they match you can go ahead with more confidence that God is leading you.

Tuesday, November 28


Spend a bit of time at the computer? Bump in to God while your there. There are many excellent prayer sites, Christian chat rooms, Church sites, Christian photographers who have made posters with verses on their works etc. God is everywhere.

Monday, November 27

Hello God

Start a conversation with God by saying, “Hi” to God out loud. Or if you are up for it, jump in the air and shout a jubilant “Hello God”. Find out what happens next. Keep doing it until you sense a hello back. Too zany? Okay, give God a smile instead. Keep smiling at God until you can sense his response.

Friday, November 24


Get out of the house, the office. Get away from the rat race and listen to the hum of nature instead of the roar of traffic. Smell the flowers instead of the pollution for a bit. See the sights in actual 3D instead of virtually on a screen. Feel the serenity.

Wednesday, November 22


Giving them and getting them. One smile can turn the whole day around. Smiles are one of God’s greatest little tricks. They can put everything back in to the right perspective. A smile can remind us that there is love in the world and we are a part of that love. Every body smiles in the same language. Smile at people. Friends, strangers, colleagues, smile at them all. Make it a total smile fest..

Tuesday, November 21


Flowers show us God’s beauty. God colours our world. If God wanted to, he could have designed all flowers to be the same shape and colour. It could still be functional if all flowers were yellow for example. Why did God go to the extra effort of designing so many different types of flowers?

Come up with at least three profound answers to that question. Arrange some flowers as a prayer time with God, as a gift to him, appreciating his gifts to you. Take time to smell the roses.

Thursday, November 16


God has every hair on your head numbered. He knows you in incredible detail, and cares about you intimately.

Any time you brush your hair, flick it out of your face, run your fingers through it to adjust your fringe etc, remember that God has even the hairs of your head numbered. He knows you completely and is concerned about every detail of your life. God wants to be involved in all of it.

Wednesday, November 15

Tower of Strength

Who are the towers of strength in your life? Let them know that you see them that way and thank them. Who are you a tower of strength to? How is God involved in these towering relationships?

Tuesday, November 14

Communicate with God

Communication happens in many ways. It includes both talking and listening. It includes being together with out words being necessary. In fact, some say that 90% of our communication is actually non verbal and includes facial expressions, body language and gestures. The best friends know how to share the same silences.

Today, don’t exchange words with God. Instead, kind of exchange knowing glances. Wink at God when something excellent, or ridiculous happens. Give God a thought, a look across a crowded room. Link up with God in non verbal ways, and communicate together without words.

Monday, November 13


The sun is warm on our skin and makes life possible. God has positioned the sun in exactly the right place to sustain us. Any closer we’d fry, any further away and we’d freeze. With all that space out there, that’s precision creation.

Sunrises and sunsets, God’s artistic palette spreading a riot of warm colour. Enjoy the next sunset or sunrise. Feel the sunshine on your skin at lunch time. Consider the cosmic dimensions of God and be humbled. Consider God’s love and be thrilled.