Wednesday, April 26


Cut it out. From now on, try to only say positive things about people. If you’ve got a problem with someone that needs addressing, do it with that person rather than paying out on them behind their backs. Check out how it feels to speak positively about others rather than finding fault with them.

Monday, April 24

Fellowship with the Family of God

“How excellent are the Lord’s faithful people! My greatest pleasure is to spend time with them.” (Psalm 16:3)

“All the believers continued together in close fellowship, shared their belongings according to what each one needed.. having meals together.. praising God…enjoying the good will of the people…and every day the Lord brought more people to join them.” (Acts 2:44–47)

Our fellow believers are our family of the faith. Love each other. Love being together. Hang out with some people who share the same beliefs about God as you do. Bless them and let them be a blessing to you.

Can’t get together with them today? Then give them a call and plan to meet soon.

Thursday, April 13


At Easter we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. We celebrate that Jesus has set us free from paying the penalty for our sins, by taking the punishment we deserve. We celebrate that our faith in Jesus is all that we need to be sure of a place in heaven. We rejoice that Jesus has proven that he is still alive and is with us and that all he said about life after death can give us great hope.

Meditate on and absorb the deep meaning of the Easter events in Jesus life.

Wednesday, April 12


Chant a Bible verse or a truth about God, saying it over and over to yourself, changing the emphasis each time, absorbing its meaning as you do so. Do it slowly, with your eyes closed and your breathing relaxed and timed to match parts of the words. Here are some examples..

God of all mercy (breathing out) fill me with your love (breathing in).

I can do all things (breathing in) through Christ who strengthens me (breathing out).

There is nothing in all creation (breathing in) that can separate us from the love of God (breathing out).

Monday, April 10

Miracles Do Happen

You notice them more when you are looking for them. You get them more often when you ask for them. You enjoy them more when you believe in them. Whatever your attitude to miracles, they are going to happen – with or without your awareness.

Why not plug in to them and make the most of them. Ask for and expect more miracles to happen for the good of others, the world and yourself. Pray for miracles. Ask for the extreme, too good to normally hope for things, that you reckon Jesus would be happy to get involved with.