Monday, April 30

A.C.T.S. - a prayer template

Here’s a prayer pattern for spending quality time with God. You can begin in any order, but be sure to cover each segment in your prayer times. If you don’t already use a prayer pattern, you may well find that this will add depth to your conversations with God.

A – Adoration – Adore God. Consider how wonderful God is and tell God of your love for him/her, (depending on whether you prefer to think of the motherly nature of God or of the Fatherly attributes of God). Let God know why you are so impressed with him.

C – Confession – Apologise to God for those things you have done that you know were not done with love. Say sorry also for the things you have not done which ought to have been done.

T – Thanksgiving – Thank God for all his blessings. Express your gratitude for the gifts of God, for his mercy, his kindness, etc.

S – Supplication – Ask God to help people who are in need. Ask God to be at work in the world to bring about justice and hope. Ask your loving God to also help you and to meet your personal needs.

Friday, April 27


Jesus is our Lord, the king of kings and the king of hearts. Sometimes we think of Jesus too flippantly as our mate without appreciating that Jesus is also the Lord who deserves our respect and obedience. Reflect on that. As you pray today, refer to Jesus as Lord and relate to Jesus with that in mind.

Friday, April 20


What a great way to bump in to God! Be it simply enjoying existing gardens or by getting your hands dirty by tending to gardens. Being involved with nature in this way can be a great spiritual blessing. As you garden, or visit a garden, reflect on creation.

Jesus told parables about weeds.

Think also about the goings on in the Garden of Eden, and reflect on all that story can teach us.

Wednesday, April 18


Cry out to God when you need to. "Help!" is one of the shortest, simplest and most powerful prayers that God listens out for. Pray it when you need to.

Friday, April 13

Count Your Blessings

Write a list of all the good things in your life. List the elements of your life for which you are grateful in each of the following departments – your health, work, family, faith, history, future, most wonderful experiences, material wealth, abilities, hobbies, sports and anything else you enjoy and appreciate. Haven’t you got it good? Live this day in contentment and joy, grateful to God because "All good things around us are sent from heaven above, so thank the Lord."

Monday, April 2


Churches have several special services at Easter. Many will hold a service on the Thursday night of Easter, where the last supper is remembered. On Easter Friday, church services commemorate the death of Jesus and will often have sombre black decorations in the church. Then on Easter Sunday there is rejoicing and brightness and celebration as Christ’s resurrection is remembered.

Go to one of or all of the Easter services this Easter to be with God.

ps. You can also check out last Easter's blog entry.