Monday, August 21


Choose an everyday object, open up to God and ask him to guide your thoughts as you consider the object and any parables, analogies, stories or experiences that come to mind.

eg. Shoes may get you thinking about places you have been and how God has cared for you as you’ve travelled. God may lead your thoughts to sweat shops and people in factories who make shoes. You may be led to think about Jesus sandals and the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears etc.

Monday, August 14


Imagination is a fantastic gift from God. It is one of the spiritual gifts that God can use to speak to us.

Look at some clouds, find shapes in them that remind you of something, can they speak to you about God. As you read the Bible imagine you are right there – picture all the action in your mind.

Imagine if every one in the world believed in God and wanted to live their lives in honour of God. Think about something that will stretch your imagination. Imagination – harness it for God.