Friday, June 27


Jesus was a baby once. God come to earth as one of us, so vulnerable, so dependant and so helpless. God really does know what it’s like to be human. Babies, conception, birth, development, the whole life cycle, what a profound wonderland for food for thought and prayerful reflection.

If you have a friend with a baby, ask if you can come around for a cuddle, or offer to baby sit while the parent s go out for coffee. They may really appreciate the little break. Pray for the parents you know, that God will help them to fulfil their awesome responsibilities with the love that comes from God.

Friday, June 13

Coca Cola, KFC, McDonalds, Nike, Nestle etc

Some of these individual multi-national corporations have more wealth than whole countries. They employ millions of people across the world and have an enormous influence on the economy and even cultures of many countries. Why, even the colour of Santa’s costume was changed from green to red and white because of Coke’s advertising machine.

With this enormous wealth and influence comes enormous responsibility. Pray for mega companies to be environmentally and socially responsible in the way they produce, market and sell their goods; in the way they employ and pay their workers; in the way they shape peoples attitudes in their advertising. Pray for the companies that depend on them and those that must compete with them, that they will get a fair go. Pray also that governments will regulate the powerful companies in such a way as to ensure just practices in the multinational's work environments and dealings.