Wednesday, May 31


Imagine how great God is – He’s even better than that! Imagine all the stars. God is present at each one and beyond them.

Imagine every ant on the earth, God is aware of every single one of them.

Imagine all your thoughts, hopes and fears lined up in a row. God already knows every single one of them.

God is vast! God is intimate! Imagine more about God and let your mind be blown.

Monday, May 29

X in the box

X marked in the box on the form indicates your choice. What major choices will you have to make soon?

Some times we have things that land on us out of the blue and we have little time to plan our reaction, to consider a range of options and to choose from them. Nevertheless we respond, perhaps with choices quickly made or even by reflex.

Ask God to give you the strength to choose what you know is right. Also ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that when your instinct has to kick in with a decision, The Holy Spirit is there ahead of you ready to prompt you to the right choices.

Tuesday, May 23


Enjoy your own (responsibly) or if it’s gone, spend some time around the young and enjoy watching theirs.

Monday, May 22

Photo Albums

Dig out your photo albums. Look through a photo album, praying for the people you see in it, thanking God for the good times you’ve had with those people, confessing if you have hurt some of them, chatting with God about the things that were going on in your life at that time. Enjoy reminiscing with God

Friday, May 19


Paint, sculpt, create with God. Ask God to inspire you, to let his genius for creativity flow through you. Use art as a way of spiritual expression that you offer up to God. Use artistic expression as a form of prayer.

Go to an art gallery – real or on the web and enjoy people’s artistic talents and the ways in which we try to recreate or capture elements of life and of God’s wonderful world.

Friday, May 12


Photography is a fantastic art form. Go out and try to capture some wonderful, creative photos as a spiritual exercise that honours God.

When you get the photos developed, look over them with God and chat about them. Display them where you can enjoy them over and over again.

Thursday, May 11


Zest gives us energy to carry out our living with some enthusiasm. Another gift from God – sometimes we may need to ask God to restock our levels of Zest.

Set out to boost your zest for life levels. Zest up. Refuel your energy levels. Then when your tank is full, go share it out to energise and inspire others around you too.

Wednesday, May 10


Ask people what they think about God. Ask your family, your friends, your colleagues, the friendly stranger on the bus, anyone who you think will be okay about it.. Ask them, “What do you reckon about God?” Listen carefully and respectfully to their answers. Ask them how they arrived at the beliefs they hold.

Don’t tell them what you think about God – unless they ask you. This is mainly a listening exercise. Thank them for opening up to you.

Think about what they tell you. What parts make sense for you? What parts don’t you agree with? Why? Talk it over with God and listen to what God might have to say about peoples comments.

Monday, May 8


Each time you look in a mirror remember that you are created in the image of God. God don’t make junk. You are incredible. Love the you that God made and reach to be the best you that you can be with God’s help.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... wrinkles, blemishes, scars – does God love you any less because of these things? Where does true beauty lie in God’s eyes? Isn’t it in who we are rather than in what we look like?

Wednesday, May 3


Email makes communication with people easier in some respects. You can be an agent of hope, love, faith and encouragement by sending your friends quick notes of appreciation, encouragements, prayers etc. You can also be a blessing to them by not wasting their time by forwarding on junk mail. Be creative with your computer and find lots of ways to use it with God and goodness in mind. Start today.