Friday, February 16


What would Jesus do? Any time you are faced with a decision, a challenge, an opportunity, a temptation, pause and ask, “What would Jesus do if he was handling this?” Then do that.

How do you know what Jesus would do? By getting to know Jesus really well. How do you do that? Through reading the gospels, prayer and by learning from other Christians.

Monday, February 12

Pay It Forward

Rent the old video of that title. Decide on three people you will do favours for. Ask them if they could pay the favour forward for three other people. By the time your three people have helped out their three, 9 people have been helped. Those 9 have asked the three people they each helped to pay it forward to three other people. Then we are at 71 and by the next stage there are 214 people asking three each to pay it forward to three each. It is a wonderful structured version of the Random Acts of Kindness movement. Get it going in your work place, friendship network or suburb.

Thursday, February 8


Be mindful of God being with you as you go for a jog. Use your jogs as times to be with God, either by talking to God, being aware of God’s presence or by taking in the beauty of the world around you.

Monday, February 5


Nothing is impossible for God. Have a daring prayer time where you ask God for some real big things for the world, for people you love, for yourself even.

Thursday, February 1


Go take a shower. No offence meant, smelly. The point of this spiritual exercise is so you can escape the crowd. Find some peace. Let the shower cleanse and refresh you body and soul. Let the sound of the rushing water be the only sound filling your head. Showers are good because you can’t work there, answer the phone in there, or be busy running around. They force you to take time out. Be at peace with God.