Tuesday, May 26


Jesus is our saviour – in all kinds of ways. If Jesus is already your saviour as far as sins are concerned, don’t think Jesus role as saviour is over. Jesus can be our knight in shining armour in all kinds of ways. Jesus can save you from superficiality, vanity, depression, lack of fulfilment, loneliness, work stresses ... whatever. Feel like you are going under? Ask Jesus to save you. Feel like everything is fine with you? Great! But just take five minutes to think about it to check there isn’t a little something you could do with being rescued from.

Friday, May 15


Go bush walking with God as your companion. Be mindful of God’s presence. Talk with God. Walk silently with God. The best friends know how to share the same silences. We don’t always have to pass words between each other. Take in the beauty of the bush. Take time to stop and smell the wild flowers or eucalypts or whatever.

Friday, May 8


When you see one from your car or on the news, pray for the people hurt, for their family and friends and for the people helping them. Ambulances can remind us to pray in this way also. Any time you hear a siren, let that be a call to prayer.