Thursday, March 29


Listen to God. Let God have a say during your prayer times. Invite God to talk to you. Listen out for God as you go about your daily living, when you need guidance, when you are concerned for someone, when you need some inspiration or motivation…(Yeah, but how do you know when it’s God rather than just your own thoughts? Well, you don’t, it takes faith. But if the message is true to the nature of God, matches the teachings in the Bible, has love at it’s core and will do only good things for people if put in to practise, then there’s a good chance you can trust it)

Wednesday, March 21


Short prayers, long ones, wordless prayers, listening prayers, chatting ones. Asking, thanking, praising, confessing. Prayers sung, whispered, thought or screamed at the top of your lungs. Pray by drawing, sculpting, acting or writing. Pray alone or with others. Praise and pardon. Pray without ceasing.

Monday, March 19

Build Something

Go out to your shed or garage, grab some materials and construct something!

If you love building – enjoy. Ask God to work through your hands. Meditate on the fact that Jesus was a carpenter. Some of his followers were fisherman who would have had to work on their boats to keep them in good order. God himself is a creator. See your creativity in building as a reflection of the desire God has to build and create. It is one of the ways in which you are made in God’s image.

If you can’t even hammer two bits of wood together – still have a go at building a rectangle or anything. As you struggle to get it right, consider God the builder and the level of craftsmanship he demonstrates. Also thank God for those who are good with their hands who we are all so dependent on in so many ways.

Monday, March 12


Be inspired! It is the divine infusion of thoughts or feelings. Inspiration from God can strike at any time. When we are still, when there is silence, in the middle of a game of football! Be open to receive God’s good ideas. God the creator of the universe isn’t finished shaping things yet. God loves to be creative. Give God the chance to inspire you to great things.

Thursday, March 8

Help Someone

Ask God to inspire you throughout the day as to who could do with a helping hand – and then give it as a spiritual exercise.