Thursday, August 28


While you are cleaning away the mould in your bathroom /fridge /shower think about how God wants to deal with the nasty grime you have allowed to grow in your life. Think about how much more appealing you would be to others with out that grime.

Friday, August 22


Go with God. Enjoy using your muscles. Take in the view. Feel the air that you are rushing through. Be aware of God’s presence with you and enjoy hanging out together. Words won’t be necessary.

Thursday, August 14


Visit someone who you know will do you some good. Visit someone with the intention of doing them some good. Encounter God in people. Treat people in such a way that they will experience God through you.

Wednesday, August 6


You know that God knows what is best for your soul. Do what God wants you to do, even if you don’t want to. Out of your love for God, give up your unhelpful habits and stop pandering to your sinful desires. Do that thing God has been challenging you to do. Give up that thing that is less than perfect. Stop avoiding that good challenge and submit to God’s will. Not sure what I mean? Listen to God for awhile.