Wednesday, August 22

Know God

Know God, as your heavenly father, as your heavenly mother, as your friend, as your comforter, as your life coach, your mentor, your captain ... don’t just limit the way you relate to God to one or two roles. God is all good things to you. Broaden the way you relate to God to include some new possibilities. Write down some of the ways you could relate to God and treat God in each of those ways when you need specific help from God. For example, if you’re not sure what your next move should be in a tricky situation, you might pray, "Okay my heavenly coach, what’s the play I should try here?" If you are needing some comfort, ask God to mother you. If you need a friend, talk to God as a friend. If you need some discipline, relate to God as Lord and king.

Friday, August 17


Let God reign in your life. God is our friend but he is also our Lord. We need to obey God and let him have his way in our lives if we are to experience the fullest in life that God wants for us and for the others around us who God will lead us to bless.

Wednesday, August 8


Kindness is a gift from God. Appreciate it, enjoy it, encourage it in others, share some out yourself and praise God for it. It can be delivered either by words or by actions.

Go give some. Go receive some. Have your antenna tuned for all the kindness you experience, and deliver, today and be grateful.