Thursday, July 31


Set aside some time to sit down with God and have a cuppa together like a couple of good mates would. Set up two chairs, even make God or Jesus a cup and set it out. Stretch your legs out and take your time. Don’t rush this. Stay long enough to get a real sense of Jesus really being there with you – because he is – and that you’ve both had a good time together. If you decide to do this at a coffee shop, when your conversation has run out, ask Jesus how you should pray for the people sitting around you and do that.

Friday, July 25


Zzzzz. Sleep is an amazing thing when you think about it. We are designed to shut down for around 8 hours of every day to recharge our batteries. What a fascinating thing for God to build in to our design! What if we never slept? No beds, no dreams, no…

Tonight stay up a bit later and get that little bit tireder than usual. Then as you do go to sleep, think of how delicious it is and give God a smile on your way. Fall asleep in the arms of God.

Friday, July 11

Follow Your Heart

Engage your brain, turn on your critical faculties and then listen to your heart as well. Follow your heart – it could be that God is using it to steer you in the right direction. Tune your spiritual radar to your emotions today. When you pick up that you are having a particular emotion, think about what good thing could happen if you followed the lead that emotion was giving you, weigh up the risks and decide whether or not to follow your heart on that emotion. Emotions are one way in which we are like God. God is also an emotional being.

Friday, July 4

Help the Homeless

Help the homeless, through an organisation you can support financially, with volunteer work, with prayer, or help individual homeless people as you come across them.

Run a blanket drive through your local church and community to give to a helping organisation before winter hits the homeless hard. Plan a project to help the disadvantaged in some way. You can bet that these people are on God’s heart and you can be his hands to reach out and help them on God’s behalf.